How do you know when you are in resistance? Sometimes we know instantly that we are in resistance, it’s a knowing and sometimes we only become aware days even weeks, months later. Why does that happen, the delay? Because on some level we are in collusion with the resistance meaning we believe it, have aligned with it, agree with it, feel the need for whatever it is protecting us from. It is through information and listening to other perspectives that we open to new awareness and are able to stop colluding and recognize the resistance.

Thanks to a comment on a recent Facebook post from a beautiful being of Light who reads this page, I felt guided to share some suggestions on how to know when you are in resistance. If you have other “clues” that you pick up on identifying resistance please post them in the comment section for the benefit of all.

Clues that you might be in resistance:

Body cues: How does your body feel?
My body feels rigid when I am in resistance, stiff, in fact I can feel my hands clenching, spine stiffening, the whole body is on alert.

Notice your body temperature. Some people become flush with heat and others turn stone cold.

Are you speaking more quickly then usual or slower then usual?

What are your facial expressions? Many people have a stoic look when in resistance, a serious look or a fake smile. Rarely is one in resistance smiling, laughing, bouncing around.

Does the word No fly out of your mouth quickly in reaction?

Is there a little voice inside that says: Hey why not listen to that information. What if that worked? Why don’t you check it out?

Or a voice within that may be strained, loud or aggressive that says: No way.

Digestion could be off causing upset stomach and constipation.

Or you get a bout of the runs that is not food related.


Tossing and turning at night.

Weird dreams during which the subconscious is trying to process what is happening perhaps justifying the resistance. These types of dreams usually occur early in the sleep state.

And above all, the biggest clue to noticing that you are in resistance is when you are not manifesting that very event, situation, item, circumstance you desire.

~Love, Esther

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