For the past two weeks I have been engulfed in an energy of I want everything new.  And I mean everything.

I want new sheets, pillows and a duvet set. I want a new vacuum, hair dryer and shampoo.

I want new technology, new skin care and makeup.

A new sofa, rug and throw pillows.

I want a new place to live and strangely a log cabin in the mountains of Montana is appealing.

I want to refresh my website, newsletter and face-book page.

Of course I want new clothes, shoes and handbags.

I know that we all like to get new things but this energy of newness is something…well new; a new energy I have never experienced before.

Just like a refresh while browsing on the computer I need a refresh and the energy is surging through my body.

Are you feeling it too, this need for newness?

Maybe it is presenting to you as a push for a new job, new friends, trying a new activity or nutrition plan.


The desire for something new and/or a revamp is not unique to me it is happening to people awakening to more consciousness all around the world.

You see 2012 was a year of HUGE change and transformation. Even if it hasn’t caught up with your reality yet it has happened.

The shift we experienced was profound. We changed on the inside. We refreshed, rebooted and updated our cellular system, DNA and genetic coding. Everything around us, including us, ascended and this tug towards all things bright, shiny and new is a reflection of the shift.

When you move into higher frequencies and dimensions you let go of the old vibrations. The same thing happens to us when we let go of our personal limitations: relationships that no longer support and serve us, outdated beliefs, sabotaging patterns, memories put on a loop that had been dragging us down. As we let go of these things we are filled with the high frequency light vibrations of the Universe.

Everything is new. We are stepping into uncharted waters. The adventure continues and the revamp and refresh is underway.

So if you are like me and have a perfectly good vacuum, handbag, bed set and website but you are feeling the urge to start afresh, take it a sign that you are on the upswing my sweet friend. You are energetically in a hot air balloon and you are heading up-up- up.

~Love, Esther

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