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I lived on our beautiful planet when Night and Day were trying to figure out their routine.

I’ve been indulging myself recently in past life regressions in preparation for launching a new service. Past life regressions are not new to me. I’ve been doing them for the last several years, but out of demand from my client base I decided to train in regressions using the Core Belief Engineering technique. This allows me to facilitate deep,  transformative change in the past and ripple it through out your whole timeline; including the present and the future.

I Discover Jezzz: Primitive Cave Woman Me

On a recent journey back to the past I landed in about 1300 B. I found myself living as a primitive cave woman. I was in fear of the animals that were big and dark: the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. The other animals like leopards, tigers, monkeys and the horses were my friends. The animals and I spoke to each other telepathically.

I engaged in conversation with myself  in this past life. We also communicated through telepathy because the primitive me — Jezzz–spoke in a language of sounds and grunts.

Jezzz looked at me pleading that I rescue her. You see she–I–feared not only the dinosaurs, but also The Dark. When The Dark would come across the land there was an eerie stillness. There crept forward an unknown. Hunting or gathering of roots or leaves was not allowed. Jezzz and her clan feared The Dark.

She did not know how long this fear had been going on because in the dark she could not tell the cycles. It was dark and so there was no concept of time. Jezzz’s strategy was to hoard food  in her cave so when the dark periods came there would be food for husband, son and herself.

Jezzz focused on sheer survival.

She felt guilty because she had food during The Dark when others of her clan did not. But out of sheer survival she did not share the food. The most important thing was to keep herself and her family alive. 

Thus her patterns (my past life patterns) began to emerge. Fear of the unknown; fear of The Dark, fear of animals, hoarding food, feeling guilty for not sharing with others. Beautiful aspects also came forth in this regression. A love of family. An ability to survive.  A brilliance of food preservation. A curiosity for that she did not know. The gift of speaking to the animals through thoughts.

Connections to my current life.

 I zeroed in on the hoarding because of the food and weight issues I have experienced in my current reality. I learned that Jezzz would preserve and hoard food in times of light. When there was plenty, she would eat and eat and eat uncontrollably because she never knew when The Dark would come and the food would be scarce. I was fascinated with the connection to the issues  I have worked hard to resolve in my present day.

When I took Jezzz to the end of her life for a review I learned that there was an end to the long periods of darkness and for much of her later years there emerged a great light. But she continued to hoard and be afraid of The Dark because she never knew if it was going to come back full force. 

Jezzz died peacefully in her sleep with her husband.

We talked to The Dark and it talked back.

When I asked her what is it that she would have wanted to know in this lifetime, Jezzz said that she wanted to know what the darkness was. So I took her back into her life and we spoke to the darkness and found out that The Darkness was what we refer to as night.

At this time, so early in the beginning of the planet Earth, Night and Day were still trying to figure out their balance . This is why there were prolonged periods of dark. There was nothing to fear from the dark. It was meant to be a time of rest, quiet, of settling down, to balance out the light.

Once this primitive woman, (remember it was me in a past life) resolved this conflict in a conscious understanding, the fear of the dark was gone. The need to  hoard food was eliminated. And the the learning rippled through that past life and throughout all my lives simultaneously creating positive change.

There were many other issues in this past life that Jezz and I explored including her relationship with her husband, son, her clan and the animals. I even took her back into her own past lives where we explored the great light which came upon her.

Why Explore Past Lives?

What I most want to bring to your attention is that there is much that we can learn by exploring our past lives. We can learn about ourselves, the issues we deal with and discover hidden abilities.

While I believe it is very important to deal with issues in your current life first, exploring the core of situations which have occurred in past lives is an excellent tool to enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

~Love, Esther


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