There’s a topic that has been coming up over and over again during workshops, on my twitter feed and on facebook, it’s SLEEP.

It seems many people are more tired then usual and just can’t get enough sleep.

I too have fallen into this situation. In the past eight hours of sleep would have me up and ready to go, now my body is crying out for more. I have had to switch my gym schedule from 7 am to whenever I can fit it in during the day. I am taking naps when I can catch them and at night I am in bed before my niece and nephew. Shhh… asleep by 9 PM is not unusual.

So what’s happening with the need for sleep?

First of all, if you are tired all the time, it is important to check with your medical practitioner to see if there is something physical that can be addressed. And if you are having disrupted sleep because your mind is churning, work with a practitioner to sort out those beliefs and thoughts which are holding your sleep at bay.

But if you are in the category “I just need more sleep,” here is my understanding on what is happening.

Right now on the planet there is a great shift happening. People are awakening consciously, old patterns, beliefs and regimes are crumbling away. New ideas, thoughts and outlooks are emerging.

We see it in our economy, countries around the world, in our everyday life and in the restructuring of the earth’s surface.

This is not a time to be afraid but rather to embrace and rejoice in the change and drive it forward.

So what does this have to do with your sleep?

You, me, we are all changing on the inside. Anytime there is a shift in our cellular system, our DNA, our thoughts and behavior patterns we need time to integrate and anchor the new.

Our body and mind do most of their processing at night when we are sleeping and quiet. Because so much shifting is happening right now at this time in history, our being is crying out for extra sleep to process the change.

Just as a newborn and a teenager needs extra sleep to grow and someone who is ill needs sleep and rest to clear out the old and usher in health, we need the extra sleep to lift ourselves up to higher levels of consciousness.

The bottom line is sleep. Give yourself permission to to sleep. It doesn’t mean your lazy. It might mean you will have to adjust your schedule or go to bed early. And it won’t have to be forever. But for the sake of your Self and your well being—SLEEP.  You’ll be grateful that you did.

For more tips on how to get a good night sleep read my blog post 3 Quick Bedtime Rituals For Peaceful Sleep.

 Love, Esther 

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