Everything holds its own unique vibration otherwise referred to as a movement or motion. The chair you are sitting on has a vibration. Food has a vibration and you have a vibration. Some vibrations are low meaning slow moving and some vibrations are high meaning fast moving. The faster a vibration the more light in that energy. Eliminate the density and you release all that drags you down.

During my recent journey to Peru the vibration of the country was noticeable and from my perspective very high especially in the jungle. During afternoons of meditation and relaxation I would swing in a hammock by the river and allow myself to be carried away by the vibration of the plants, animals and spirits of the jungle.

I first noticed the jungle’s vibration on a sweltering afternoon as I rested in a hammock shaking and shivering — at times uncontrollably. The maestros (Shaman) told me that the shaking was because the energy of the jungle was moving through me and lifting me to its vibration. They told me the shaking and shivering was a good sign, it meant that I was connecting well to the plants and higher vibrations.


The Vibrating Plants of the Jungle


Those of us who embrace holistic and spiritual teachings and practices know that raising our vibration is of the utmost importance. A higher vibration allows us to connect with Spirit more easily and open up to greater awareness and ability. It allows us to become more conscious and better manifestors of the desire of our hearts.

And so the question is often asked,  How Do I Raise My Vibration?

Here are 10 suggestions to help you raise your vibration and connect more deeply with your inner self and with the Universe.

  1. Spend time in the feelings of joy, peace, hope, love, gratitude etc.. Any of the feelings which have a lightness of being.
  2. Engage in activities which facilitate these high vibration feelings such as: being in nature, laughing, listening to beautiful music, petting an animal, holding a baby, having fun, reading inspirational books.
  3. Eliminate any negative thoughts, feelings, habits and patterns from your life. These carry a low vibration and will drag you down.
  4. Eat light high vibration foods such as fruit, vegetables, more raw then cooked, foods loaded with enzymes, a good quality smoothie or shake, herbal tea etc…
  5. Move your body and exercise. Stretch, practice yoga, run, walk, swim whatever suits your fancy.
  6. Clean your surroundings and get organized. Clutter and disorganization will drag your vibration down so declutter and feng shui your space.
  7. Get a good night’s sleep. During our sleep state we repair our bodies and allow our minds to shift and integrate new information and concepts. Make sleep a priority.
  8. Pray, Meditate and Visualize often. Every day at the very least and several times a day for higher vibration. Click Here for a fabulous meditation to help you raise your vibration.
  9. Be mindful of your breathing and engage in the practice of deep cleansing breaths.
  10. Surround yourself with positive, confident, uplifting people.

Since my return from Peru I have been consciously creating a lifestyle which supports a higher vibration. It’s where I long to be and know it is where I will be most effective for mankind, nature and the earth. Come vibrate with me!

~Love, Esther


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