Recently I interviewed Tim Sandars the owner and ceo of Omnia Radiation Balancer a high tech energy sticker that you put on your devices to harmonize man-made radiation from your cellphone, wifi router, microwave, tv, laptop, smart meter, 5G,
electric cars etc…

I’ve had omnia stickers on my cellphone and laptop for two years and I love them.

If you know me, you know that I am a researcher. I looked into all kinds of stickers and devices offering EMF protection and settled on Omnia.


The DACA ENERGY that harmonizes the man-made radiation into ZERO POINT ENERGY. Balance. Harmony.

The Orb sticker technology takes low vibration erratic imbalanced energy and moves it back into balance which is the LOVE VIBRATION. Yes we talk about that feature during our discussion. Also manifesting with the orb sticker.

I was also impressed by the,

Extensive Testing of the technology.

Great testimonials.

And the sticker lasts the lifetime of your device.

After someone on Instagram asked me, Esther what is that round circle on the back of your phone? I had the inspiration to tell you about the Omnia Orb Sticker and not keep it to myself. I reached out to Tim and asked him if he would be willing to record a video with me about EMFs and the Orb solution.

It’s a very interesting discussion and I would love to do a follow up with him because I have more questions.

We discuss what are EMFs; man-made radiation?
What is the Daca Technology in the stickers that harmonizes the EMFs?
Customer experiences and rigorous testing.
How does the LOVE vibration connect with the sticker technology?
Can you use this technology for manifesting?
Plus +++

I’ve included the video below and also here is the link to the Omnia Website:

These stickers never go on sale but Tim generously gave my clients and audience 10% off using code: Esther

I trust this information is helpful to you in this day and age of man-made radiation bombardment. We can empower ourselves.

Enjoy the best of this day!

~ Love Esther

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