Pain is just blocked up energy.

You bump into the corner of a table—the bump stops the flow of energy in your body–and pain is the result.

A pain  felt in your chest is caused by a constriction and/or blockage — a lack of energy flow.

It’s like when you get a kink in a garden hose and that kink stops or slows down the flow of water. The same thing happens in your body when you feel pain. The energy stops flowing.

We block up our energy in many ways: physical injury, storing of emotions, holding on to old hurts, wounds and charged memories. Our beliefs if limited and out of date slow down energy flow. We also absorb pain from outside sources,  information and emotion into our cellular system which cause a lack of flow and if unchecked results in pain.


So what do you do when you experience pain whether it is a headache, stomachache, heartache or something more?

  • Ask inside of yourself if the pain belongs to the earth or the earth’s atmosphere. Right now on the planet the earth is purging and letting go of old, toxic energy and emotion just as we are and you may be taking it on as your own. Headaches often belong to the earth’s atmosphere. If you get a “Yes” as an answer send the pain back to the earth through the bottom of your feet with love. The earth knows exactly what to do with it.
  • Ask inside of yourself if the pain belongs to other people. We absorb stuff from other people all the time. Have you ever been with a group of people and one person starts itching and before you know it everyone in the room has caught the itch? Same thing with yawning. If your inner being tells you that the pain belongs to someone else with your intention and imagination send it back to them with love. You do not need to know who it is going back to, the energy knows its origin. And when you send it back with love you send it in altered stated for the person to receive for healing.
  • Ask inside of yourself does this pain belong to me? If the answer is yes then ask inside of yourself what message the pain is trying to tell you. Heed the message and once you have it let the pain know that you have received the message and are taking action on it. Tell the pain job well done and that it can go now. If the pain persists ask it, “What am I still not willing to see , get or understand about this pain?” or ” What is the value of holding onto this pain?”

For most people pain is the method the mind and body use to communicate to us that something is not right. Like that feeling of dread you get in your stomach as you head on a date with a guy/girl that you know is not right for you but you are willing to date because you desperately want someone to love you.


That pain in your lower back may be sending you the message that is time to heal the past and put it behind you. It might be telling you the opposite something like–what have you pushed behind you that you need to face?


Dizziness may be telling you more then your blood sugar is low,  it might also be sending you the message to slow down and stop running around in circles.

Catch the drift?

If you have trouble hearing the message of  the pain, taking action on it or letting go of what needs to be released, do your inner work and begin to transform yourself from the inside out. Here is an easy and effective way to get started –click here for more information.

In the meantime check in with your pain. Whose it is? and What is it trying to tell you?

~Love, Esther


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