On Monday it was a frigid -18 Celsius here in Southern Ontario.

The very next morning when I woke up to head to the gym the temperature was plus two Celsius.

Overnight there was a dramatic change of 20 degrees.

I went from feeling perpetually cold and shivering even in the warmth of my home to experiencing the feeling of relief. Thinking that finally the cold was manageable; it was just a regular winter day.

The wind died down and the howling halted creating a sense of calm and peace in the air.

 As I noticed how the shift in temperature effected my physical body, psyche and spirit, I couldn’t help but reflect that just as quickly as the temperature changed, our lives too can change for the better.

Our life situation can change virtually overnight when we are welcoming of change and keep the faith that everything is going to be okay.

The weather in Burlington shifted because the jet stream took a new path ushering into the area warm weather from the south. 

Our lives can change when we allow currents of energy to flow in bringing with them the people, resources and situations which are fit with our most dominate thoughts.

The key? Think positive unlimiting thoughts and beliefs in support of your goals and dreams.

So if right now you are at a place in your life where you are feeling the depth of despair, frustration, cold and frigidness know that just as quickly as relief and warmth flooded Southern Ontario virtually overnight, positive change can flow into your life.

~Love, Esther

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