Unblock Your Creativity: Tips and Solutions

We are ALL creator beings.
Created in the image of God.
God is a creator.
God created you and earth and All That Is.

You are a fractal of God.
So if God is a creator and you are a fractal of God then you are also a creator.

Man created in the image of God does not mean, head, torso, arms and legs etc …
it means Light and Creator.

Every human is a creator.

Knowing and believing this truth is the first step in unblocking your creativity.


1. Because sometimes the block to creative expression is the belief, I am not creative.

When one holds this belief, I am not creative, often they view being creativity as being an artist, engaging in what we call the fine arts: painting, music, sculpture, architecture, poetry, theatre and dance.

Those are forms of creativity, but creativity does not have to be a formal “art.”

Creativity is the act of self expression, in a way that is unique to you.

There are many ways of creative expression.
How you dress, style your home; decorate a cake. How you solve problems, write, sing; put together a routine or program. How you arrange furniture and flowers; wrap a present. How you socialize, entertain, capture images in photography, nature expression, wood working etc …

Tip: What do you enjoy? That is a good place to start expressing your creativity.

2. Creative Expression is not a Competition.

People sometimes get blocked in creativity because they believe they have to be good at something, an expert in order to be called, “Creative.”

Often if you are creating something you enjoy, expressing yourself in a way that is natural and fun to you, you are good at it.

But not always.

Sometimes you need to learn a skill or technique, practice and grow in your creative endeavour.

Sometimes you enjoy being creative in a certain area but you are not going to attain super star level. You simple enjoy what you are doing for the expression, the pleasure, without the need to become an expert or to receive reward.

Expression is the reward not to be good at it or receive accolades.

Tip: Release beliefs such as: I have to be good at something in order to express creativity.
Creative means being a formal artist. 
I am not a creator. I am not creative.

3. Never Mind What Other People Say.

Some people were told by mom, dad, teacher, minister, friend, boss, instructor, kid down the street … that they are not creative. Not an artist. Not good with their hands. Don’t have a good voice. Can’t write well. Are a terrible cook. Have no talent.
And they believed what that person told them,
Concluding: I am not good enough. Not talented. I am not creative because so and so said.

Tip: Those are someone else’s’ opinions imposed on you that you have taken on as your own. Let them go.

4. Life Stops You From Being Creative.

There are some people who don’t believe they are creative because they are caught up in the busyness of life ie sleep, work, eat, repeat …
and don’t allow time for creative expression.

The belief may be, Creativity is wasting time. Or there is not enough time to be creative. Creativity is an indulgence or for people who are not serious about life.

Tip: Examine and change those beliefs. Give yourself permission to be creative and make time for creative expression.

We suffer when we push down or deny our creative expression because it results in frustration; creating inner energy blocks. Expression wanting to get out but not given the opportunity.

It’s a denial of who you truly are, a creator being.
Denial of Self.

Throughout this article I have suggested possible beliefs which may be blocking your creativity.

If any of these beliefs ring true for you, change those beliefs.

Tip: Start by creating, yes there’s that word, a strong foundation of knowing that You are created in the image of God. God is a creator therefore you are a creator.

Then work on your mindset. Identify limiting beliefs regarding creativity.

Identify what you want to express and how you want to express it.

And take actionable steps.

Inner Work + Action leads to a breakthrough which eventually results in the CHANGE you seek.

When someone comes to me and wants to work on creative expression, I help them turn within and connect to the part of Self that is responsible for blocking creativity.

Through a gentle back and forth question and answer process, I help them to flush out limiting beliefs, thoughts, perspectives, patterns, behaviors and other people’s influence creating the creative block.

I help them to become aware of the blocks whether held subconsciously and or consciously, remove those blocks and clear the path to creative expression.

The next step is to turn within and connect with parts of you which are aching for creative expression and finding out what do they want to express? How do they want to express and what has been preventing them from creative expression?

As the inner shifts and ah ha’s happen, I guide my client to take action on what they are learning and realizing.

I work with people on a variety of issues: physical, emotional, spiritual, money, relationships, career, self esteem, unresolved childhood events, past life carry over, future life, parallel life, opening spiritual gifts, family situations, self doubt, life uncertainty, health, manifesting wishes and dreams etc…

And I can I can help YOU create awareness leading to breakthroughs resulting in change and living the life you desire.

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Love, Esther

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