How Do I Know My Desired Outcome is Close To Manifesting? Tips

1. Gut feeling.
2. Vibing High consistently ie. happy, joy, eager, excited, anticipation.
3. Excited to greet the day.
4. Vivid dreams.
5. Synchronicities.
6. People start taking to you about your desired outcome seemingly, ‘out of the blue.’
7. You experience the pieces falling into place.
8. Feel internal shifts.
9. Urge to clean and get rid of clutter to make room for new.
10. People and situations not in alignment with your ‘vision’ start to leave.
11. You may physically start to look differently, especially in your face and posture.
12. Things that scared you no longer scare you.
13. You move into an emotional state of KNOWING that your creation is close.
14. You easily attract the right people, resources, information to help you create your desired outcome.
15. Willing to take greater risks.

When you begin to experience these situations and signs in your life, what you are consciously creating is close.
This is not the time to stop or slow down your manifesting practices.
Stay the course. Consider a bump up.

I can help you create you create and live your goals, dreams and desires.

Hi, I’m Esther Bartkiw. I help people change their belief systems and patterns + create inner healing so that they can step forward in the right mindset and energy to manifest and create desired outcomes. Positively transform your day to day reality. I’ve been doing this work since 2004. I’ll take you on a journey within to discover, explore and shift what is holding you back from living the life you want to live.

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