The Tribunal’s Answer:

Greetings. We are appreciative of the opportunity to speak with you on this subject, for as humanity begins to rise in consciousness and those who are asleep awaken, the veil of understanding has become thin and humans are becoming more and more aware of their past life connections with those of their current interaction.

There is a simple answer to this question. Anyone with whom you have a deep resonance for, whether a like or dislike is a past life connection.

But we would like to further explore this topic for it is a fascinating discussion and we see there is great interest in this topic amongst the readers of these words.

Consider for a moment how many people you encounter in a week, month, year and in a lifetime. From the store clerk to the attendant, to the server, teacher, the neighbor down the street. There are many people whose paths you cross who simply fade from your mind and consciousness very quickly. They do not make an impact upon you.

Now consider how many of those thousands upon thousands of people you encounter, that you feel drawn to. You may be repelled by some and others feel strong affection for. As we said earlier these people with whom you form a strong response to, whether it is an instant dislike or an ease, are people with whom you have a past life connection.

The response that you feel and are aware of is an inner knowing on some level of your body, cellular system and in your mind, that you have encountered this being before. This knowing creates a response or often a reaction within your self.

Sometimes you say to a stranger, “I feel like I have known you my whole entire life.” Or, “I feel we have met before.” Or, “You look familiar to me.” These are all indicators of past life connections with the person that you take an instant like or dislike to. 

Perhaps the person in question is crossing your path again in this lifetime to create resolution to a situation or to further stimulate your personal growth. The one that you feel most drawn to, again  as a like or dislike, may be a member of your soul family who has come to be with you and support you in this lifetime.

This is a fascinating subject and we look forward to addressing it with you more deeply in the future.

~The Tribunal~


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