Last night I had a dream that I was a passanger in a van, an old school Scooby Doo van, with a former client and another male I did not recognize.

As we were driving along I looked to the right of the vehicle and saw a tornado heading towards us.

It was a unique looking tornado in that it was not very tall and quite thin…looking very much like a long steel pipe..but the twirling motion of the object told me it was a tornado.

While I urged the unknown driver to go faster, the tornado was no match for our Scooby Doo van.

It cut through the van, moved through my body and left out of the side of the vehicle.

There was no destruction or tossing of the van in the air. This small but powerful tornado was simply an extraordinary energy that moved through my being.

Within seconds I realized that it had “touched down” upon the crown of my head. I felt the top of my head and noticed a soft spot, much like the soft spot babies are born with.

I looked at my right hand and also noticed a soft spot in the palm.

In the dream I instantly knew that this “tornado” was a universal energy that was opening my crown chakra more deeply. I was excited.

You see the Crown Chakra is associated with deep inner communication, spiritual connection and a portal for receiving information from the Universe. I am always working on expanding the opening of this illuminating chakra.

Last night in my dream I received confirmation of its expansion.

When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was touch the crown of my head. No there was not a soft spot that was tangible to the touch, but I knew that something wonderful had taken place.

And then my Soul whispered, “Well done. You have taken another leap in your ascension.”

What do your dreams confirm to you?

~Love, Esther



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