Thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and automatic reactions are being sorted out in my head. My subconscious mind has been in overdrive the last two nights clearing and shifting outdated and limiting beliefs and feelings.

The only way I can describe the procedure is that I feel like a new student at Hogwarts Wizard School sitting with the Sorting Hat on top of their head wondering which house they will be placed in. It’s a curious feeling full of excitement and wonderment.

Two nights ago during my dream state two beliefs systems crashed and burned.

I had a dream in which I was standing on a very narrow and steep staircase with no hand railings and nothing else nearby; just a vast empty space. The staircase kept getting narrower and steeper. I had a sense that soon it would become straight as a board and I would slip off into oblivion.

I was being forced to make a choice. Climb up or climb down, but fear had me frozen and stuck.

My observer came up in the dream and assessed the situation. I observed that my subconscious had a chance of shifting right then and there depending on my next move. Was I going to stay stuck in the fear, climb up to what I want or climb back down to a comfortable safety zone?

The observer presented to me another option. It reminded me that I can change the course of my dream just as I can change the course of my everyday life. So I chose to create with my imagination a swinging rope  and I jumped from the staircase to the rope with a big smile on my face. I had a taken a leap of faith and now I was swinging  freely and able to move in any direction I chose.

What seemed like seconds later my dream switched to a scene where I was with a group of unknown people. There was a big mound of earth and a young male at the top was giving away money. All you had to do was climb up and ask. I was watching people rush up to him in glee asking for money and he was giving it to them.

Worry and concern came over my state. Was he legit? Was the money real? Was there a catch? Was someone going to take it away from me if I got some? So many thoughts were going through my mind.

Then my observer came forward and showed me how easy it was to receive money. All I had to do was ask and it would be given. The observer was forcing me to look at what the other people were doing and that there was no catch.

I asked for my money and received thousands of dollars. My happiness quickly turned to fear when I began to think thoughts that the money would be taken away. I started to stuff the bills in my pockets and felt the urge to run and hide.

Again my observer stepped forward and showed me that everyone was receiving money. There was plenty of money and that no one seemed the least bit interested in taking my money away.

The fear and worry slipped away from my emotional state and I began to laugh and play with the others in our bounty.

I woke up from my sleep refreshed and full of vigor. I remembered my dreams and thought to myself how exciting it was that I experienced such shifts in my subconscious mind. These changes were made deep in my psyche. Remnants of old belief systems had surfaced for a deeper purge. I was so excited I bounded out of bed much like Tigger bounds after Pooh Bear.

Last night I once again sat under the Sorting Hat as my subconscious mind sorted through beliefs of not belonging. A whole cast of characters appeared in this dream including Madonna. Apparently we are fast friends when we astral travel. Makes sense to me. Both spiritual and both named Esther (lol).

In this dream I was lamenting about feeling left out of my masterminding group. The group was falling apart and I was left on the sidelines. 

For the third time my observor came forward to tell me that this was an opportunity to change limiting thoughts in my subconscious mind. The observor reminded me that all of these changes would help me to create the reality I desire.

I recall in my dream that I jumped at the chance to form a new group stronger and more committed then ever. A masterminding group which included everyone, even Madonna.

Now some may say that these dreams were the result of the foods I ate for dinner or a fanciful imagination. But I know better. I process when I sleep. I release when I sleep. I receive answers when I sleep. I shift and change when I sleep.

Both mornings I woke up excited to start my day, ready to create and curious to see what life was going to bring my way. I can only imagine that is how a Hogwarts student feels once they have been told they are in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

~Love, Esther~




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