🌟 Here’s Why March 5, 2022 is a STELLAR DAY to start something new

Mark March 5th, 2022 in your calendar because it is a STELLAR DAY for starting something new in your life. ⭐

I chose this date, March 5th to begin the Align and Vibe With Greater Financial Wealth Energy Event – BECAUSE it holds amazing energetics.

In this video I take you through my process of deciding what date to start working with you to manifest greater financial wealth and I discuss key points such as:

-Why Feb 3 to April 29th is the best period of the year to take action.

-What are Astro Signatures? And why are they important to know as you ALIGN with anything you want to create.

-Four KEY cosmic alignments on March 5th which will support you in creating greater Financial Wealth and will help us start our 40 Day Event Together with a big upward SWOOSH.

-The significance of the number 40 and what it vibrates.

Even if you are not interested in creating greater financial wealth, I HIGHLY suggest you watch this video because hopefully you are wanting to create something new in your life. This information will support you in your manifesting practice.

Also keep this information handy for the next time you need to make a decision, sign a contract, seal a deal, embark on a fresh start, try something new etc….

From now until March 5th I will continue to create and post videos for you with more tips and information on how you can get into ALIGNMENT with whatever you want to create. So stay close and subscribe to my you-tube channel. Tap the bell to receive notice the instant a new video is posted.

If there is a particular topic or subject about manifesting that you would like me to address, drop me a note. I always appreciate the input.

Align and Vibe With Greater Financial Wealth Energy Event starts
March 5th on this high vibe day.

CLICK HERE to access the program information and check out
Early Bird Pricing.

When the clock runs down to zero the prices of all packages increase by $250.

Creating Greater Financial Wealth often means making a quick decision in the moment. Information + Intuition = Decision.

The early bird pricing honours those who are READY to Align and Vibe with greater financial wealth for manifesting.

~ Love Esther

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