Being held in a state of pressure has never worked for me.

One of the patterns I have found in my life is that when I am under pressure instead of rising to the task I often deflate and self sabotage in effort to release the pressure and find an easy way out.

Now that I know that’s my pattern whenever I feel pressure rising up in my life instead of self sabotaging I chillax.

That’s right. In the midst of a pressure cooker I relax, chill out, play and go have fun. You’ll often find me at these crucial times of pressure escaping for a nap or meditation. I might read the book sitting on my night table. Call a friend for a coffee and chat or pick up a DVD and watch a movie I have been dying to see. Even if it’s 11 am and the rest of the world is in the mindset of business.

I’m not avoiding the situation I am releasing the pressure until I can deal with it better.

Pressure to me is hardship. Involves lots of hard work and effort. It’s not that I don’t believe in work and effort, I do. It’s what has gotten me as far as I have in life. Pressure to me has that added element of, “This is not fun anymore.” That’s when my inner self and all of myparts” rebel and find the easy way out.

After years of self sabotage and finally figuring out the root cause I now know what to do to keep me calm, cool and collected. Go have fun. I’ve given my subsconscious parts a new strategy for dealing with pressure. And it works! When I come back to the task at hand sans pressure I find I see the issue with new eyes and creativity flows.

Perhaps you thrive under pressure. (Queen is now playing in my head) Then that’s perfect for you. We are all wired differently. But if you are like me and pressure has you pulling the covers over your head then next time walk away from the pressure. Not the responsibility but the pressure. Figure out what you need to do,  to believe in order to complete the task at hand without the pressure. Remember it all starts in the mind so begin your search there. What needs to change to eliminate the pressure and retain the fun and achievement?

~Love, Esther


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