A couple of weeks back I woke up in the morning excited because I finally had a recollection of spending my sleep state in a Healing Light Chamber.

Although I know I have been accessing my personal Healing Light Chamber over the last two years or so, I had no conscious experience of it….until now.

Let’s back up a bit as some of you might be thinking: Healing Light Chamber? What is Esther talking about?

The information I have received is that in the Cosmos we each have our own private, personal Healing Light Chamber. It may be on a star-ship, another planet or on Star home. Regardless it is definitely off planet.

The Healing Light Chamber is a gift to us from Universe offered through the facilitation and assistance of our Star Family, The Galactic Federation, the Angelic Realm etc…

These Chambers are pods for healing on all levels and layers; emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, the history levels of our mind and bodies. The Chambers are living technology of Light, Sound, Tone, Colour and Frequency unique and specific to your energetics. It is a healing center created just for you, attuned to your energy, consciousness and Soul’s Purpose.

The Light Chambers assist in:

Healing, Changing and Activating our DNA
Amplifying our Light Bodies
Upping the Light Quotient our physical bodies on Earth can hold
They activate the Crystals in our bodies. ie. Pineal Gland
Work with our chakras, all of them, to make sure they are clear, spinning, fully engaged
Raise our vibration
Wake us up to our inner Wisdom
Attune us to who we are as Source Energy; God/Goddess
Shower us with Pure Divine Love, Peace, Joy
Assist us in the earthly issues and situations
And so much more…

When we spend time in our Healing Chambers we release, upgrade, refresh and reboot.

Just imagine for a moment you are loading up a dishwasher with plates, glasses and cutlery. Turn the machine on and the utensils undergo a rinse, wash and dry. Open the washer door and everything comes out clean and sparkling.

The Light Chambers are doing much the same. Helping us to shine and sparkle as our True Self assisting us in our Ascension Process. This is how the concept and technology has been presented to me.

So there I was waking up, while still in a dream/sleep state. I was in tent with 12 domed cots. Everything was pure white. The temperature was cool but comfortable and my senses were sharp. I was sitting upright in my cot. Five cots where still occupied, the others were vacant.

I thought to myself, Where did everyone go?

And I heard telepathically, They are in the canteen, and I could see through the tent to an outdoor structure much like a log cabin or home.

I left the tent and again everything around me was pure white, even the clothes I had on. I was wearing what I would liken to a thin snow suit.

When I walked into the log cabin all colours burst forth and it looked like I was in a ski chalet. People were enjoying coffee and a hearty breakfast. I was super hunger and sat down to eat.

A man about mid 40’s sat down beside me dressed in what looked like a bush pilot’s outfit. He said to me. “Are you ready to head back?”

I said, “Yes can I sit up in front? I will be your co-pilot.”

He laughed and said, “Of course, let’s go.”

I got into some kind of space craft with the pilot and many others and off we went.

As soon as we took off I woke up from my sleep state with full remembrance of this piece of the experience.

And I was excited because I have been hoping to remember a Light Chamber visit.

I share my experience with you to give you some point of reference and/or understanding if you have had, or may have a similar type experience.

How Can You Access Your Healing Light Chamber?

Here’s what I do. Just a suggestion. Follow your own guidance and leading. Ask your Spirit Team for assistance.

Before your head hits the pillow ask Source Energy, your Star Family, the Galactic Federation, your Higher Self, the Angelic Realm whomever you feel comfortable interacting with to take you to your personal Healing Light Chamber while you sleep.

That’s it. They will do the rest.

You may not have a recollection of the experience when you wake up in the morning — I didn’t for at least two years — but trust and believe it is happening. Maybe you will feel different in the morning, refreshed, relaxed. Perhaps you will remember. Your experience will most likely be different from mine but the Pod theme will be similar.

Experiment. See what happens. Drop me a comment below when you remember. I’d love to hear your story.

~Love, Esther

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