Have you noticed the recent increase in the number of deaths and people being diagnosis with life threatening illness?

It’s been hard to miss and when I brought up the subject recently on my face book fan page, people indicated they were curious as to the metaphysical viewpoint of these mass transitions.

Although death may be a morbid subject to some, to others including myself who believe in the death of the physical body while the spirit lives on for eternity, it’s just a natural phase of life.

As a therapist, it has long been talked about in psychological circles that during holidays and special occasion events such as birthdays and anniversaries, many people die or transition into the after life because on a subconscious level they have decided they can’t cope with their earthly experience any longer. They want to escape the rigors of day to day living. They have lost hope, often feel alone or unfulfilled and think to themselves, “What’s the use?” then create the circumstances of their passing.

On a metaphysical level there are also ideas and theories tossed around when a rash of deaths occur. Many of us who play on the metaphysical level have noticed there has been a great exodus of  people  transitioning off the planet as we get close to 2012.

There are two main reasons being offered regarding this exodus. I extend them to you for pondering and consideration.

1. There are a number of souls who came to the planet over the last several decades to pave the way for a rising of consciousness on the planet. They are the pioneers of consciousness so to speak and have been living as light workers for years helping people open their minds to being more aware of themselves, the environment, nature, the animal kingdom, other people and cultures. 

I equate them to the workers who pounded nails into railway tracks and laid asphalt for highways but never got the chance to travel those routes themselves because they left the planet before the routes were complete. But they did leave life knowing that they completed their job of  laying the foundation for the future.

These pioneering souls have no regrets in leaving earth at this time, only joy in seeing what is transpiring upon the planet as they gaze down from the heavens watching in wonder as to what will happen next.

2. The other group of people who are exiting the planet on mass are those who are refusing to change and release their old limiting ways. They are stuck in a negative mindset  unwilling to let go of what doesn’t serve them, grasping onto traditions which no longer work, cringing at the thought of new ideas and new ways of thinking. 

By clinging to all the old and negativity they are no longer an energetic match to the waves of change sweeping across the planet. They no longer fit the climate and atmosphere of earth and its inhabitants.  Because they are unwilling to give up their ways on a subconscious level they are being asked to choose–let go and change or let go and transition. These souls are choosing to transition and leave the planet.

And so what of the rash of life threatening illness being diagnosed? Let me offer  this theory to you. For some it is a wake up call. They are being asked one more time, “Are you going to change your ways and join the new vibration or are you going to stay stuck?”  For others they are sitting on the fence of, “Should I stay or should I go?” and the disease is giving them time to sort out their affairs, make new choices or move on.  And for some the diagnosis of illness is the beginning of their transition, the way they have chosen to leave the planet.

It’s interesting to see who is leaving whether high profile or close loved ones. From Vaclav Havel clearly a light worker pioneer to  Jin Jon Il, Kadafi and Osama Bin Laden resistant to change and no longer a fit to the direction of the people. Even as you look closer to home to those you may have every day experiences with and others just on the periphery, I believe we are all being asked on some level, “Are you coming along for the ride of a life time or are you heading home?”

~Love, Esther

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