As humanity is moving through a period of evolution, there appears to be two camps with different views on how to create and shape the change.

One stance is to attack. Battle against evil and nefarious forces. Crush them and bring them down.

The other faction focuses on elevating consciousness individually and collectively, in belief that the higher consciousness energy will dissolve, transmute and do away with evil and the nefarious.

One requires aggression, attack; force. Lower vibrations.

The other is set on uplifting, awareness, expansion and higher vibrations.

Which course of action is best?

Is it one or the other?

Or is a combination of both battle and higher consciousness the best plan?

What are you doing personally to shape the evolution of humanity during these times?

To bring about change in the world?

Are you putting on the armour of God to do battle?

Do you focus on raising your vibration and consciousness? Shining your light upon others?

My personal perspective is that there is no right or wrong stance. There is a need for both.

But the Higher Spirit within me, you can call it Higher Self or Soul Essence, often whispers,

“Take the stance of Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You.”

It’s not always easy to heed the message.

A part of me wants to Do Unto Others.

And sometimes my inner warrioress has had enough and just wants to let loose.

What’s your leaning? Are you battle ready? Do you focus on higher consciousness?

What have you been called to do in service to humanity’s evolution?

Love Esther

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT.  I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

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