For the past nine days I have been bombarded by a message sent through numbers. Whether it is 1212 or 44 or 777 or 0303 or 3456 numbers are appearing to me repeatedly in a pattern of sequence.

I always notice numbers and watch what keeps popping up in my experience. For many certain numbers mean certain things. For instance you may often read that four is the number of angels. Seven is God’s perfect number and eight is the number of abundance.

I do take all of this information into account and then go inside and ask my Soul, “What do these numbers mean for me?” The answer is always very insightful.

Since this sequencing pattern has gone on for a number of days, I took it to my Soul. My Soul whispered to me that God wants me to know everything is lining up. It’s confirmation that I am on the right track and it is encouragement to stay the course and remain focused.

On an intuitive level I knew what was happening because during the last few days everything has been lining. Opportunities have come from what some might say –nowhere. People are recognizing the contributions I have made and can make. My skills, talents and abilities are being acknowledged in a far reaching manner.

I can only describe it as a ramping up of sorts. Everything is being ramped in my life and I am excited. Energy is moving fast and as I wrote in an earlier post there have been times during this past week when I felt a bit wobbly, but I keep telling Universe, “Bring it on. I am ready and the time is now.”

God winked and sent me numbers.

If numbers are showing up in your life, in more then a random way–ask inside and find out what it means. You will get an answer and then please share. It’s so much fun.

~Love, Esther~

I would love to hear your stories of how numbers show up in your life and they mean specifically to you


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