I’m really jazzed up about life right now.

Are you jazzed up with me? Riding the high vibe waves?

It’s okay if you are not. We have all been there. I’ve been there.

Let’s troubleshoot why not.

If you are not jazzed up about life right now, what is your emotional state? Identify it. Write it down.

Are you anxious, worried, angry, disappointed, frustrated, irritated, panicked, sad; afraid ?

What is your emotional state? Identify it and write it down.

Your emotional state shapes your thoughts and beliefs and your beliefs and thoughts shape your emotional state.

Once you know your emotional state, start to notice the thoughts and beliefs which attached to this state. Write them down.

Next step.

Note, in this emotional state ____, with these thoughts and beliefs _____, what do you do? What is the pattern?

Do you binge eat? Zone out? Scream at people? Blame people? Do you give up? Do you harm yourself in other ways ie alcohol, smoking? Do you spend money you don’t have? Do you hide? Tell your self you are not capable? You can’t do it? You aren’t smart enough? What do you do? Write it down.

By doing this exercise, you have identified your emotional state, the thoughts and beliefs attached and the pattern that is provoked.

This is the story or the block that is holding you back from being jazzed about life. (Side Note: Being Jazzed about about life is a fabulous energy for conscious manifesting and creation. The Universe responds to vibes.)

And this is where you begin your inner work.

We just did the ground work of discovery.

Continue on your own.

If you get stuck, hit a blind spot or lack insight and motivation, reach out to me, this is the work that I do with people. I help people to discover, explore and change the beliefs and systems holding them back in life.  I can help you too.

Do we always live in a state of jazzy? No. Life has it’s ups and down and in consciousness and growth we flow with what presents, always seeking recalibration to a higher state.

However, if you are living day in and day out, in an emotional state of sad, depressed, anxious, worried, fear, discouraged, frustrated, angry etc unable to create and shift what you want, seek to make change. Sooner rather then later.

2024 is YOUR YEAR.

In order to make it YOUR YEAR you need to Declare it and take action. Turn things around.

Today is a good day to Turn Things Around.

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Love, Esther

Bio: Hi, I’m Esther Bartkiw. I help people change their belief systems and patterns + create inner healing so that they can step forward in the right mindset and energy to manifest and create desired outcomes. Positively transform their day to day reality. Holistic Therapist. Energy Reader. Retreat Leader. Entangled with Light.

Access Me Here: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw

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