Get clear on your goal and you will move forward much more quickly. This is one of the main points I impress upon people when I speak to them on how to change their lives so that they can get more of what they want rather than more of what they don’t want.

Getting clear on where you’re headed is one of the keys to success. For muddled thoughts and muddled goals create muddled results.

I was reminded of this in my own life when recently I was asked to write a blog post for I jumped at the opportunity because I believe strongly in the message and focus of this website and Tamara its creator. Typically writing a blog post takes me only a few minutes once the inspiration sets in. But this time I found myself struggling  with getting started. The words were not flowing. The inspiration was no where to be found.

After several days I realized that my blogger’s block was because I was unclear of what I was supposed to write about. I was lacking specifics. As soon as I made this connection my Soul laughed and reminded me to practice what I preach.

I connected with Tamara to get clear on what topic she wanted me to write about. Then I  sat down and within minutes the post was complete. You can view it at Channeling for Wondermoms.

If you are stuck or stalled in one or more areas of your life, take a moment right now to get honest with yourself. Are you 100% clear on where you’re going and what you want to achieve? Or is your vision hazy?

When you get clear you get moving.

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