Kiniki Tan Through Swimwear to get ALL of the LIGHT on ALL of your body.

This is my second year wearing Kiniki and I LOVE EVERY PIECE.
It’s been one of the best tools to support me in a LIGHT lifestyle and being a Solar Panel for the sun. For women and men.
Here’s an updated review.

Kiniki allows you to get ALL of the Light on your body.

Reap the benefits and healing of sunlight on your skin. Fill your melanin sheets, activate POMC, vitamin D making: mitochondrial health. Boosts mental, emotional; spiritual health etc. Increases connection with the LIGHT / SOURCE. Gets sunlight on those parts of your body usually left in the dark, and yes no tan lines.

The colours and patterns are vibrant and different. Kiniki: Part of what makes tan through swimwear work is in it’s complex print designs, the fabric is an advanced micro mesh that when printed in plain colours would become transparent.

Kiniki Tan Through swimwear fabric contains millions of tiny square & diamond shaped holes allowing 80% of the sun’s UV rays to pass through.
Allowing you to be a solar panel for the sun.

The fabric is soft, lightweight, breathable and dries quickly. It is not affected by sea water or the chemicals present in swimming pools, as with all swimwear rinsed after use.

If you are accustomed to wearing a shaping swimsuit that sucks everything in you’ll be set free in Kiniki.

Last year I wore my Kiniki’s daily from June to November.
This spring I noticed some pieces wore out so I reordered. I have a tankini, one piece and two swimming dresses which I love!
Ladies stop me on the beach an ask me where I got my swimming dress from, all the time. (photo above and on post promo)
*Note I did size up and that was a good move for me.

I highly recommend Kiniki Swimwear. The prices are good and they ship worldwide. I received packages in Croatia and this year in Greece.
Delivery was quick.

Kiniki offered me and my clients a code for 10 pounds off first purchase of 20 pounds or more
Please use it for a savings: KINIKI
(not affiliate code)

Kiniki is always runnings sales on their swimwear.
My suggestion is to click on the link and sign up for their newsletter. When you see what you want buy it. The link will initiate your savings. It helps with shipping fees.
When you click on the link there will be a pop up box on the right, fill in your information.

Kiniki is essential for us circadian/quantum biology SUN gals and guys. Remember no sunscreen. Build your solar callus slowly and wisely.
Most important step to not burning, get sunrise light in your eyes every morning.

Enjoy the SUN and ALL of the LIGHT on ALL of your BODY.


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