The last full moon of this year is happening in the sign of Gemini on December 18th at 11:35 pm Toronto time (eastern) and December 19th 5:35 am CEST here in Dubrovnik. Depending on where you are in the world Dec 18 or 19th.

This Gemini Full Moon holds the theme of letting go of an ideology, beliefs, perspectives of the world which no longer make sense; no longer apply.

After everything we have gone through over the last two years, there are plenty of beliefs, perspectives, ideologies which no longer make sense.

It’s time to rethink what we think, know, believe and perceive about ourselves, our immediate surroundings, people, situations, life and the world at large.

This is a thinking moon.

A reflecting moon.

A coming to terms with moon.

A regrouping moon and …

A making NEW PLANS moon.

It’s time to let go of old, outdated beliefs and mindsets and anything connected to them such as behaviors, patterns, attitudes, people, situations, groups etc …

You may be well aware of what needs to change. It will be easier to take action under this moon.

Or you may have a shocking realization regarding an ideology, perspective, belief system which then triggers a shift.

When we break-free from a belief system it can sometimes create a wobble in our lives as we live in a space I call no man’s land.

That in-between stage of … this belief and reality no longer apply, but I don’t know what to believe or what to turn to. You feel like your foundation for reality, for living, for life has been shaken.

If you find yourself on shaky ground, be mindful of not falling into addictions to soothe like booze, sugar, drugs, shopping; isolation etc … they are easy to reach for but never truly help in the long run.

Seek understanding, input from others, reach out for help and then contemplate the information and come to your own decisions and conclusions.

Be okay with not knowing holding faith that new information and awarenesses will present.

Be okay with saying I had it wrong. Most people will show you great respect. We’ve all had it wrong at some point in our lives.

My expertise is helping people release old, outdated, limiting belief systems and creating harmony within to support you in moving forward. If you need my help I’m close by. (Sessions with Esther)

This Full Moon is giving you lots of feedback.

Feedback on what is working and what needs to change.

Listen and Learn.

Reflect back to the New Moon in Gemini June of this year, six months ago. The two moons are connected. What did you start back then that is coming full circle? expanding to the next stage? or never got off the ground and now it is time to end the procrastination and do something about it? What was showing up in your life back in June is that is coming up again?

The Gemini Full Moon a mental, thinking, beliefs, ideological, reality shift kind of moon. Very heady for the end of the year.

~ Love Esther

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