Full Moon Report—> Just hours before Solstice we have our Full Moon again in the sign of Sagittarius… June 20th at 7:02 am Eastern and 2:02 pm EEST. That means for many tonight (Sunday) is the night to gaze upon beautiful la Luna and allow her beams to sweep across your mind, body and energy field, illuminating truths like: You Are LOVE, You Are Beautiful, You Are Perfection.
Oh and as you gaze upon the Moon that’s Saturn shining brightly just off to the right.
Yes it is the the second Full Moon in a row, in the sign of Sagittarius…which is very rare…to have two full moons back to back.
Plus it is the first time since 1948 we have had Solstice and a Full Moon at the same time, so this is a once in a lifetime experience.
The Full Moon in Sagittarius is helping us to change our views about life, purpose, what is important to us, how we are in service, our views about government, people; religion. It is stimulating a desire to learn, travel and interact with all peoples, understand people; show compassion.
At the same time the Sun in Venus is heightening the Moon’s influence. Venus is the planet of beauty, art, relationships, love, creativity, abundance. During this Sun in Venus effect, lavish yourself with love. Venus supports you in acknowledging your beauty; the love that you are.
There is a Uranus influence to the Full Moon which brings joyous aspects which is a nice change from the heaviness of the month. All that rage I wrote about earlier (click here) is about to be flushed out and replaced with excitement, love and positivity. Uranus loves to create sudden, quick change. Uranus loves instant shifts. The shackles that have bound us since the last full moon are dropping away and we feel the relief, the excitement; the momentum of moving forward.
And of course the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer. It’s my solar return and if you are a Cancerian it is your solar return too. Over the next month friends, family, celebrations, gatherings will be highlighted.
Yes this month has been a tough go at times as deep seated issues have come to the surface for release. But now with Full Moon upon us and Solstice hot on its heels, plus all of this other great cosmic influence…. well it’s party time! How are you celebrating Full Moon + Solstice?
~Love, Esther

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