December 14th Energy Update: Full Moon energies still in effect after it culminated yesterday for those in North American and earlier today for those of us in Europe, Asia and Australia. (read my full moon post click here) I knew it was going to be a significant Full Moon but I didn’t realize how significant until I got wrapped up in the energies. Wow.

It effected many of us physically especially with dull headaches and nausea. From the moment I woke up yesterday until I went to bed I was nauseous which is very unusual for me. I kept checking in with my body to see if it was something I ate or drank and my body kept saying even if food and drink was the cause the nausea presents because there is something “off” within that the food and drink were reacting to.

When people do their inner work and become nauseous it is usually a sign that something very ancient from this life time, a core issue or past life is releasing and it is putrid thus the body reacts and recoils. The key is to not keep it in and let go with intention but also physically at either end.

For me this time around the nausea was because I had to face the truth of a situation in my life. A truth that I knew was there but I holding hope that the situation would change and my full moon “Reality check or wake up call,” was Esther it is good to hope but this is not going to turn out as you wish.

Even though the wake up call is disappointing and a bit sad the information is empowering. For now knowing what I know I can stop spinning my wheels in a holding pattern and create something New something even better, something that lines up with me vibrationally. For clearly I now see that old situation was not frequency specific.

I share with you this information because I suspect many of you have moved through this same type of experience over the last 24 hours during our Full Moon. Beautiful La Luna and Universe don’t want us carrying this situation, event or person with us any longer. It is heavy baggage weighing us down from rising to our path of highest potential. You see we have Solstice coming up in just a few days and our time-lines are going to shift dramatically as the Light pours out of the Galactic Core and whatever has come up during this Full Moon must go in order to move to that time-line of even greater manifestation and possibilities. It’s up to you now and what you do with the information the Moon illuminated.

Keep in mind Full Moon energy effects us about 4 days prior to the peak and 4 days after so if you haven’t had your reality check yet it may still be coming. And perhaps you are so good at noticing and acting on your wake up calls all the time, La Luna didn’t need to bring you face to face with it this time around.

So beauties. Full Moon energy still in effect PLUS with today’s planetary influences we may feel some strain in our relationships, finances and creativity. This could lead to irritation and annoyance. Keep noticing what is showing up around you. Whatever it is you are frequency specific to it. If you don’t like it change your vibration and draw something new unto you.

Much love to you all,

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