Monday August 7th is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. It’s like a full moon on steroids and the Aquarius factor adds in an energy of justice, social awareness and causes, humanitarian efforts and a focus on technology. It can be emotional but most often the energy of Aquarius is a bit detached.

The partial Lunar Eclipse starts at 11:50 am Eastern Toronto time. Peaks at 2:21 pm and full completes at 4:50 pm.

It will be visible throughout most of Europe, Africa and Asia.

This past week on the lead up to the Lunar Eclipse followed the next day by the 8-8 Lion’s Gate has been teaming with energy waves preparing us to receive all the NEW coming in. New Light. New Codes. New Awareness. New levels of consciousness. New frequencies. Yesterday was the first day since Monday that I didn’t have to put everything on pause to take a nap, although I am still being drawn to cool and dark.

Eclipse energies spark dramatic and sudden change in our lives. Oh it may not come exactly on eclipse day but for many something significant will present in at least one area of life over the next 40 days when eclipse energies are strongest. Or perhaps it already presented this past week. The lunar eclipse will ask us to give up something. We can give it up willingly knowing something even greater is at hand, or struggle with the energies creating a tug of war, pain and discomfort. If you are asked to give up something a belief, job, relationship, location, patterning, project, collaboration, way of eating, habit etc… rest assured that come Solar Eclipse August 21st which is a New Moon, something New will present in its wake.

The key is How are you going to receive the taking away, the release? Your response to what needs to go will matter much in the unfolding of the new ready to present.

This big switcharoo already happened for me and when I realized I needed to give up a collaboration that has served well, I also knew it would be okay. I knew that the timing was right. I knew that pursuing it would hold me back. I knew it did not sit well in my heart anymore. Was I 100% eager to give it up? No I liked it! But I also knew that in order to expand to the next level of my experience, to live something grander, to fulfill my personal dreams, I had to let it go. I did. And all is well. I am looking forward to that new path to open up soon.

Full Moons bring in endings and closure. They reveal hidden information. La Luna in her fullness lights up what holds you back underneath the surface, and lights up the way forward. A Full Moon Eclipse will take all of this, including emotions to peak level. Adding to the mix, a Mars connection which is not so friendly this time around. Prior to the Lunar Eclipse which means today and through to its culmination, Mars may stir up anger, pain, agitation, full blown frustration within you or those around you. Perhaps that which has been buried away in your subconscious is surfacing. Or something you have not dealt with is demanding attention and is angry that you have ignored it.

We tend to feel Lunar Eclipses more than Solar Eclipses because of La Luna and her stirring of emotions. The feelings may present as euphoria, joy, peace, contentment, deep love or sorrow, hurt, disappointment etc…. it all depends on where you are in your journey, what path you are following. Are you still on a low vibration timeline that is ready to crumble during eclipse season? Or are you on your highest path of potential ready to rise up to another as your frequencies shift?

Horn Blowing—-> Here’s an extra added bonus to this Lunar Eclipse thanks to Jupiter. Oh we love Jupiter. That friendly planet full of blessings, generosity, good fortune; surprises. Jupiter is going to make a lovely aspect to the Full Moon thus balancing out any tension that may arise creating opportunities and positive developments.

What I am receiving is that for some this could result in a sum of money coming your way especially if you have been waiting for a payout or are closing a money deal. Full Moon = closure. Does that closure involved finances?

There is so much going on with this Lunar Eclipse even though it is being downplayed by many, over shadowed by 8-8 Lion’s Gate and the Solar Eclipse. I encourage to give the Lunar Eclipse and La Luna attention and honour. These waves of energy are potent. This event officially kicks off eclipse season. And what happens during this cosmic event does matter and set the scene for the continued unfolding of the rest of the season.

I have a particular love for the Moon so I am naturally drawn to it in all of its phases and glory. And so beautiful La Luna I place my face to the sky, smile at you, give gratitude and ask that you shine your beams upon me and to all around the world.

~Love, Esther

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