Full Moon Report: Revolution, Action, Completion, Ambition, Love and Nurturing…it’s a wild Full Moon full of possibilities and surprise.

The Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn happens at 6:56 pm Eastern time on the 19th and in the early hours of the 20th in other parts of the world. Full Moons usher in closure, completion, culmination and light up new paths, opportunities and possibilities. They also show us what is hidden; blocks standing in our way.

The Capricorn influence highlights goals, ambition, drive, getting things done, money and power. It’s a practical, hard working, focused energy.

Because a Cancer influence is still in play we are being asked to review our work and personal life balance. Are you all work and no play? Perhaps it is time to add love, nurturing, service, to the nose to the grind stone way of being.

Mars is also contributing to this Full Moon with an action stance. Taking inspired action from the heart, under the guidance of your Higher Self which bodes well with all of the insight, inspiration and realizations that will be popping up thanks to Uranus.

Let’s talk about Uranus because it is having a HUGE impact during this Full Moon on each of us personally and on the global scene which we have seen played out in recent days.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, rebellion, shake ups, surprise, truth; the unexpected. Tension can be a part of this mix and also change and breakthroughs.

Surprises can be pleasant or they can present as shake ups which may be uncomfortable while they unfold into something wonderful.

How you approach such surprises matters much. Will you allow the unexpected to drag you into 3D density or fuel you to change, power and strength? Remember Mars is helping you to take bold, inspired action.

Surprises can be simple like hearing from a long lost friend or realizing that a long time friendship is something more… could it be love? If you have not experienced a Uranus effect in the days leading up to today’s Full Moon I suspect many will in the days following. Your surprise may even be a test from Universe to see if you are walking your talk and living as the new vibration in the new consciousness you have expanded into. Universe may be ready to take you into the next part of your Soul’s Journey of Ascension and is just checking to see if you are on firm ground before you embark on something new.

It’s an important Full Moon leading up to the 8-8 Lion’s Gate and our September Eclipse Season which includes a rare third eclipse on August 18th. Much is being stirred and brought to the surface. Change is happening inward and in our realities. Harness the energies to be the Love that you are.

And at some point take a moment to look at beautiful La Luna and allow her beams of love and transformation to shine upon you.

~Love, Esther

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