Freedom it seems to be what we all want. Freedom to be. Freedom to live life on our terms. Financial freedom. Creative Freedom and the list goes on and on.

For me personally, July holds the energy of freedom. Here in Canada we celebrate our country’s birthday on the first. Americans whoop it up on July 4th Independence Day. Celebrations of freedom.

Students are free from classrooms and books.

Many people take holidays creating freedom from work.

Ahh July.. it’s summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and the livin is easy… Freedom.

Wouldn’t it be nice to also be free from your limitions?  The financial worry you hold, physical ailments, lack of confidence and self judgement to name just a few?

During July many people take a break from life. It is a pattern we picked up as kids when school let out for the summer and we continue that pattern as adults thinking, “It’s summer I don’t  have to do as much or work as hard.”

While I love the notion of frolicking the month away and taking a break is always a good idea, how about focusing some of that freedom energy on You?

We are at the halfway point of 2012 a year many people refer to as The Shift. A special period in the history of  mankind, the planet and the Universe in which we are moving rapidly into higher realms of consciousness.

Governments and countries are freeing themselves from old rules, regulations and constructs.

New structures are being put in place in companies, financial systems and places of business.

There is a focus on freeing the environment from our past messes.

Nature and Mother Earth are rumbling in effort to free themselves from the negative energies they have absorbed and have been holding onto.

And each individual is on a path, whether they are aware of it or not, of freeing themselves from all that they are not so that they can step into their potency. (That’s my new favorite word-potency-so pregnant with possibilities.)

Instead of slowing down or stalling your personal and spiritual growth this summer,  how about doing something different and ramping up the blossoming of who you truly be?

The Universe supports you and the waves of energy it is sending our way are rattling and shaking out the old to make way for the new.

Enjoy the freedom of summer the BBQ’s, splashing around and the company of friends. And may I suggest that you also take time to continue to free yourself from limitation so that you can ride the wave of 2012 and beyond with joy, grace and ease rather then the discomfort that many are experiencing.

Freedom are you ready for it? Please leave a comment and tell me what you are doing this summer to move into more consciousness and be the magnificent creator that you are.

~Love, Esther

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