FREE Energy Work and Attunement

 Friday July 1st,  2011

 12 noon EST

From the comfort of your home  (approximately 30 minutes)

   To support you in the energy shift of the July 1st eclipse.


During the month of June we have had two eclipses and the summer solstice. Many of you have been feeling the energy shift as personal issues rise to the surface for release and resolution. July 1st will be the third eclipse rounding out the process.

I extend to you free energy work for anyone who would like assistance integrating the change.

What is the energy work?  The Tribunal and I will be working on the energy plane to send to you universal energy and healing to help you  during this time of change and transition upon the planet. The Tribunal will attune you to their energy and I will offer distant healing energy. (The Tribunal are my channeling guides)

The Focus: We will be focusing on integrating the shifts of June’s energies culminating in the July first eclipse.


How Does it Work?I will be in a meditative state connecting with The Tribunal. Together we will connect with all of those who choose to participate and send the distant healing energy and attunement into your field.


What Do I Have To Do?  When you sign up for the event, get consciously clear as to what change and transition mean to you. What changes would you like to see in your life? How open are you to change? Note if any fears or concerns crop up.  The energy will address each person’s meaning individually. 


Reflect on what has come up for you during this past month and what you are ready to release and change. Set your intention.


After that there is absolutely nothing else to do. During the time of the energy work simply go about your business. If you remember that the work is being done you might want to consciously welcome it.  If you forget all about it, that is okay too. You will still be receiving the energy work. Some people may choose to get quiet and meditate at that time. You participate as you wish. The Tribunal and I will be doing all the work.


What Will I Notice?   It will be different from person to person. Some of you might notice that you become more relaxed about yourself, other people, day to day events and life in general. Issues which need to be resolved in order for you to experience change and transition may surface for instant resolution or for your attention. Generally you will feel more settled  within yourself. Some people might not notice anything at all and that is okay. Just trust and believe that the energy is working in your field for your highest and best good. The energy will be present with you and will integrate for days after the actual event.


What is an attunement? Great question. An Attunement is an adjustment or a bringing into harmony. In this case the focus will be on integrating the energies shifts of eclipses and summer solstice.

To sign up please reply in the comment section of this blog
 post. Post your first name and the city and province/state
 that you reside in.
Ex: Stacey, Montreal, Quebec.
Each person’s name will be written down and addressed individually during the session.
Anyone of any age may sign up but each person must sign up on their own. The Tribunal and I are very respectful of people and this is a permission based session. Husbands, wives, friends etc..
Wishing each of you love, joy ~ Esther

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