Yesterday I needed to hear some good news.

Nothing bad happened to me. I wasn’t down in the dumps. But I did feel kind of blah. You know those, not good, not bad, just blah kind of days?

After a morning meeting in Toronto and a commute  in and out of the city during our first snowstorm of the year, I settled in front of my computer and knew instantly I needed to shake the blahs.

The quickest way for me to shift my energy is to immerse myself in good news. Celebrate other peoples good fortune.

So I logged in to Twitter and put out the tweet, “I need to hear good news. Who has something good to share?”

Within seconds my tweet-deck lit up with tweets like: I made peanut brittle and it’s yummy. My parents are in town and are watching the kids. I am waiting on a job offer. I found free parking this morning.

I responded to each tweet with congratulations, sharing in the excitement and the joy of the person who tweeted.

I could feel the energy shift happening inside of myself as the blahs slipped away and joy began to blossom.

Could shifting your day and your energy be as easy as that?


~Love, Esther


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