General message from The Tribunal:

Today is the beginning of a brand new day. As each dawn breaks all possibilities and every new beginning resides in life and in every situation. It is important for people to realize this for those  who feel they are stuck or their back is up against a wall, or that there is no other way out, would benefit from looking at their situation from this perspective.

There is always an alternative. There are new possibilities.

Many people are blind to these new possibilites because their consciousness has not awakened to the point that they can accept alternate choices, beliefs, alternative forms of reality, alternative ways of thinking. If you are stuck and are feeling that there is no way out–repeating a pattern over and over again–or just plain unsettled, unhappy with where you are and want to start afresh, open your awareness to new ideas and new perspecitives.

 A new awareness will usher in a brand new possibility that you have never even thought of–And will open the door to change, new direction and a new reality. Each day the dawn breaks. Each day offers new possibilities in every aspect of your life.

~The Tribunal~

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