Today I am feeling a bit off. My energy level is low which is unusual and there is a feeling of sadness surrounding me. I wanted some insight as to what is going on and so I asked The Tribunal. Here’s what they had to say.

There is an energy which is moving across the planet today and it is bringing about change, cleansing and clearing for its inhabitants. What you are experiencing is a lifting of old emotions and residue to the surface for release. This clearing is in conjunction with the solar eclipse of yesterday and the new moon, for old must be cleared in order for new to come into your experience.

Acknowledge the feelings and sensations that you are experiencing today and give them up to the universe for release. This will pass. While it feels uncomfortable and you don’t feel your usual self today, this energy wave will pass within 24 hours and you will resume your energy patterns and  emotional state but on a higher frequency level.

~The Tribunal~

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