Everything is Medicine.

This point was drilled home to me during my recent sacred journey to Peru. The Shapibo Shaman I worked with believe that in the jungle there exists a plant to cure anything; from a physical ailment to an emotional or mental block to having good luck or finding a partner.

In the Andes the Shaman I worked with spoke, “Everything is Medicine,” as a mantra encouraging us to view each morsel of food, breath of air and step we took as medicine for our body.

I took this teaching to heart and have returned home viewing Everything as Medicine.

Food is the most obvious and easiest to work with. I continue eating a mild jungle diet, thanking my food for its healing and making choices based on whether or not it is the medicine my body needs in the moment. This practice has been altering to my being and in just a few short days I have noticed a difference; a lightness of being.

No wonder I have been an Isagenix fanatic for the last five years. Their products based on planets and herbs have been medicine to my body. I crave it and now I know why.

I think consciously about the liquids I consume checking in with myself to see if it is the right medicine for my body. Coffee holds little appeal as does wine or soft drinks. My being wants pure water and suddenly herbal teas, which I rarely drank in the the past.

The Shaman taught us the sun is medicine and how we can benefit from meditating in the sunshine asking it to heal our bodies. We all know a good dose of Vitamin D from sunshine helps us throughout the year but the Shaman utilize the sun to a whole new level  of healing.

When we breathe the Shaman encouraged us to breathe deeply and slowly focusing on the exhale as a release of all that does not serve us on the inside. It’s not just old stale air we expel but also  negative spirits and energy.

The wind is medicine and can move through us releasing from our being that which does not belong. Interestingly I intuitively knew this teaching. For years during a strong wind I have gone outside and stood facing the wind commanding it to move through me sweeping away the clutter and the debris which keeps me from my purpose and path.

Water is medicine quenching our thirst, healing our bodies and moving toxins out of our system.

The mountains are medicine for the rocks and crystals which compose them have healing properties we don’t realize or understand. During the four days I spent on Machu Picchu mountain I was reminded over and over again by Shaman Kucho to sit quietly and breathe in the crystal energy of the mountains, let it heal me and exhale  the negativity. He encouraged me and my fellow pilgrims to spend time in meditation just breathing in the mountain energy and air for transformation and change.

Even our steps are medicine. Kucho suggested we walk with purpose. Focus on the lifting of our legs and on the step down connect with the earth to release into the ground anything we want to get rid of. I stomped up and down Machu Picchu healing and releasing and it felt good.

I have taken the words of the Shaman to heart and consciously view everything in my life now as medicine. Not only the elements mentioned above but also the music I listen to, the TV I watch, the books I read, the words I speak, the words I hear and the people I spend time with.

The teaching is simple. The Shaman wise. Everything is Medicine.

~Love, Esther

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