Esther’s Favourites

I love, use and recommend the products and companies listed below. And I am pleased to be an ambassador for them so in return I can offer you a discount code on your purchase.

If you have any questions about my personal experience with the products please ask. You know I will always tell you the full scoop.


PureBulk Supplements

Discount Code: ESTHERBARTKIW (10% most products)

Free Ground Shipping across continental USA on orders over $49. Also Ships Internationally

PureBulk offers a variety of over 250 pure nutritional supplements, powders, oils and capsules as well as the tools necessary for you to take charge of your health and well being.

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Omnia Orb Sticker Balancer

Discount Code: Esther (10% Off)

The radiation wave field from man-made devices is uncentered and unbalanced.

When your body comes into contact with that imbalance, it shifts out of balance itself.

The best way to prevent that shift is to balance the microwave radiation field of the devices that you come into contact with most often.

The ORB attaches directly to your device and moves that negative, imbalanced energy back into the balanced vibration of love.

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Premium Red Light Therapy & Blue Light Blockers

Discount Code: ESTHERBARTKIW (10% Off)

I own the Target Light Combo and I am using it for soft tissue damage healing, Age Reversal, Mood Lifting, Eyesight reversal +++

Take the quiz to find out which device is best suited for your needs.

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Kiniki Tan Through Swimwear and Dresses

Discount: £10 Off Your First £20+ Order!

A unique advancement in fabric technology that helps you achieve an all over suntan.

I own five pieces and I love them! The Bali sundress is my favourite.

Kiniki always has sales. Shop the sales and use this link to save 10 pounds off your purchase. It pays for the shipping.

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