Have you ever thrown your hands up in the air and pulled at your hair in frustration because you’re wondering, “Am I ever going to get through all of my personal growth work?”

I have felt that way  many times over the past several years, as I’ve moved along on a conscious journey of  personal growth.  And yet I am blessed to be able to  stand where I am now and look back to where I started, and see the huge difference in my Self.

My mind, outlook, perspective, my emotional and physical being, my beliefs, attitude, energy vibration and environment have all changed dramatically.  I acknowledge the many reality shifts which have occurred in my life.  I know there has been growth. I see the changes. I know that I am a completely different being, and yet issues keep rising to the surface and deeper layers of my meta issues continue to poke out at me for exploration and change.

It is during these times, once I have grrrr’d at the situation, that I simply sit back and say to myself, “Esther, remember, life is truly a journey.” I remind myself that I chose to come to this planet, in his body, with this family, at this time, to grow and learn; to experience, be creative and to serve mankind. All so that we can all do this journey of personal growth together. 

And while I do get a little exasperated at times wondering will this ever be over?  I’m finding as some of you are, that the shifts and transitions are coming much more quickly. 

Yes there are still issues rising to the surface which need healing and which require me to go back in the past and unravel the tangled mess I’ve made, but there are also moments of release which are deliciously spontaneous.

For example, last night I was in bed reading and a memory of a situation that happened in university rose to the forefront of my mind. I observed it and I thought to myself, “Does this need healing? Do I need to look at these Parts of myself? It is time for a CBE process to make a shift?”

My Soul whispered back to me, “We are simply bringing it to the forefront of your mind for you to notice, observe and make a decision of either release or a continuation of your holding on. All you have to do is decide if you want the emotional impact, the effect of the situation to continue to move through life with you or are you ready to let it go?”

As quickly as my Soul whispered, I purposed to release it and I watched the memory and all of its charge dissolve in my mind’s eye. 

These types of occurrences are happening much more quickly then in the past. In fact it has happened to me several times within the course of one day.  And so I remind myself when I am wondering about the path of my journey, that I am living in  a period of time when much is being lifted and released from my being spontaneously. I cast my eyes to the sky and thank my Creator, God my beautiful source energy for putting me on the planet at such time as this.

~Love, Esther


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