Equinox Gateway is wide open and a powerful wave of Energy is flowing across the land. This energy has people either super pumped up, taking action, making quick and solid decisions, manifesting desires instantly or has people drained, unable to make a decision, in an emotional state, OR somewhere in between.

We are each in our own process and no longer am I able to write saying this is what is happening, because everyone is having their own experience according what they hold within as Light or limitation.

However Energy Forecasts are still very much in need to help us make sense of what is happening, what is coming down the pipeline, the possibilities which present and how to navigate the cosmic waters. You see when you have a sense of the what is presenting, the possibilities, you are in a powerful position to choose what which supports your life and process. That is why I do what I do to empower you!

Equinox occurs on March 20th at 6:28 am Eastern Time, 10:28 am Universal, when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries the first sign of the zodiac. A True New Year beginning.

This wave of New Light is addressing core issues. So many people who I work with and who write me updates are reporting facing the truth of their situations once and for all and experiencing Major Breakthroughs!!!

And in these days prior to Equinox much continues to release so that come the moment of Equinox we are open to hold more even more Light and move into an even greater expression of who we are as Love, Light, Divine.

It is important to take time for meditation, contemplation and receiving of guidance. In the quiet and the stillness is when many of us tend to hear and receive the most. However I must admit a noisy gym while working out has offered me fantastic insights and inspirations in the past.

Venus is still in retrograde asking us to get clear on who and what we love and value. This is a very valuable exercise to engage in especially for all who say I don’t know, or I don’t have clarity, or I have lost focus; or I don’t know what I want.

Once you discover who and what you love and value in your life notice what and who is currently in your life that does not align with your list. And start the process of releasing that which no longer fits.

People are beginning to experience to an even greater degree the joy, love, peace and abundance that rises from within once the heaviness is dissolved and personal vibration lifted.

If you are not and thinking, Esther where is this joy, love, peace and abundance that you speak of? The answer is still the same. It is within you beautiful being of Light.

If you are still looking for that which you desire outside of yourself, yes you may find it but it will be temporary at best and not very fulfilling, leading ultimately to disappointment because it is not true joy, love, peace and abundance. For some that disappointment may be exactly what is needed, again, to prompt a look within.

Equinox is helping us with all of the above and so much more.

In a couple of days I will be wrapping up the 40 Day Eclipse ~ Equinox Event that I hosted with a group of people so ready to take their Ascension to the next level of experience. And while at times during these 40 days life was challenging as the limitations rose to the surface, people are now experiencing the most magnificent and HUGE changes. The changes come. I promise. Stick with the process. Love begets Love.

~Love, Esther

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