I snapped this photo of the sun and lagoon during a sailing of the Ionian Sea along the east coast of Corfu in October.

On closer inspection, I noticed a blue energy hovering above the water 💧

While some may say it’s a sun or camera distortion, if you look at the image closely, you can ‘see’ and feel that the blue is an energy being.

Is it a mythical Greek water nymph? A feminine energy associated with water, fertility and growing things like trees.

Or is it the energy of Poseidon King of the Sea who has many caves and palaces on and around Corfu?

Maybe it’s the energy of Archangel Michael whose ley line crosses with Greek Goddess Athena’s ley line in Corfu Town?

I have my thoughts. As you look at the image what is your leaning?

This encounter at the blue lagoon is an example of the wonderful, mystical experiences you can have on Corfu Island when you join me for

💙 Escape Into The Blue, Ladies Retreat. It’s happening June 1-8, 2024.

Come meet me in Corfu and let’s be open magical and spiritual experiences.

Registration is Open and Early Bird Pricing is in Effect.

Get the Details Here including day by day itinerary: https://estherbartkiw.com/greece-retreat

If you have questions about the trip, email me at hello@estherbartkiw.com

Love, Esther

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