Whether you believe it or not the planet and its people are going through a very significant and exciting transition often referred to as The Shift.

The Shift is an awakening of consciousness. A clearing away of the old and that which no longer works or serves us. It’s a transition to a whole new reality on a world wide scale.

For the last couple of years we have experienced The Shift play out in the world’s economy. Old ways, methods and concepts have crumbled away. A new economy has emerged with new players, attitudes and ideologies.

Over the past several days we have seen the effect of The Shift play out in Egypt. A country where two thirds of the population are in their twenties and the ruling power was in his 80’s. The youth of the country demanded change and reform. The status quo held strong, resistant to change.

As we watched the events unfold culminating in the stepping down of the old regime to usher in a new government and new direction, we were watching The Shift in action.

So what does this mean to you personally?

Many people are experiencing the same kind of situation in their own lives. Some just as volatile. 

You and I on many levels are encountering situations where we are forced to look at ourselves, our beliefs and perceptions. We are being challenged to released those which will not support us moving forward towards a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

 Many people are having experiences where issues buried away in an out of sight out of mind attitude are rising to the surface demanding acknowledgement and healing.

 People are who are resistant to  change are being forced to deal with it whether on the job front, in the marketplace, relationships, even in their own bodies.

Those who are open to working on themselves, and opening up to new ideas, thoughts and perceptions will move through The Shift more easily and with a sense of excitement of the possibilities to come.

Those who are determined to anchor into the status quo and resist the new will have a very challenging time over the next few years.

In Egypt the victor was change and a new beginning. What is it going to be in your life?

~Love, Esther

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