We are officially in the gateway of the first Eclipse Season of 2021.
Total Lunar Eclipse May 26th and Solar Eclipse June 10th.
From now until about June 24th we are in the portal of Eclipse Game Changing Energies.
During Eclipses the veil between dimensions is thinned and interesting experiences can happen.
One thing people notice is that during this time visitations from people, friends, loved ones who have crossed over increase.
People who have crossed may appear as an orb, a twinkling light, in your dreams or as a feeling or sense they are in the room with you.
And not just loved ones crossed. During Eclipse Season many people report greater connectivity and experience with angels, spirit guides, other light beings, Higher Self, Soul Self, God; Universe.
Let’s be observant and see how this thinning of the veil shows up in our lives this Eclipse Season.
Take note of dreams of loved ones passed.
Pay attention to orbs, twinkling lights, a sense or feeling that your loved one
is in the room with you.
Note how your communication is with your spirit team.
Write me your experience or leave a message on a social media post.
I always enjoying hearing from you.
A couple of days ago I created a video What’s All The Fuss About Eclipses? In this video I outline foundational information about Eclipses, good to know for now and in the future, plus I touch on some themes that will be highlighted during the upcoming eclipse season, and offer a tip on what to pay attention to during Eclipse Season. Click Here To Access The Video.
On May 26 we have the Lunar Eclipse and the first of two Eclipse Live Energy Transmission Calls I will be hosting.
Details and sign up at the link below.
Already I have been guided to do ancestral clearing through the DNA. That’s a new technique for me.
Ending soul contracts because they no longer fit our higher vibrations
learning to feel our emotions rather then ignore them or distract with addictions.
While I do “see” that this Eclipse Season will have some surprises that will push our buttons, I also “see” that many people will experience a culmination of a manifestation they have been nurturing and growing. Yes!!!
Live Call Info:
~ Love Esther
Here’s where you can find me: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw

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