I’m really fortunate that I am one of those people who remembers their dreams upon wakening in the morning. When I am in a dream or sleep state I am often in an observer position and I am able to make changes in my dreams to suit what I am creating in my day to day life. I can also identify when  I am in a processing dream, at universal school, astra travelling  or when my mind is just trying to sort things out.

As a result my sleep state is very important to me. In fact I always kid with my friends that going to bed is the most exciting part of my day because  I never know where I will end up or who I will encounter.

Two nights ago I had a significant dream. A childhood friend popped in. Someone who was like a big sister, mentor to me all those years ago. While we are still in contact with each other, it is on an infrequent basis but I know we connect at night while we are asleep.

On this particular night Grace popped into my dream and we were back on the road where we grew up. She was gathering people together for a meal and I was racing from house to house spreading the invitation to people who lived along this long country road. I remember recalling how generous she was for including everyone.

The dream progressed and my observer made note of all Grace told me. It was good advice and I was filing it away for use in my awake state.

I woke up the next morning in a feeling of pure joy, which I carried with me through out the day.

Later that afternoon I was reading a book called The Hormone Diet by Dr. Natasha Turner (great book by the way) and one of the supplements she recommended jumped out of the pages right at me.

Instantly as I read the name of this supplement I had recall of my friend Grace telling me in my dream that it would be benefical for me to be using this product.

I had forgotten this advice on a conscious level, but my subconscious made note and made sure I remembered when I came face to face with it.

I know this was an important message and something I ought not take lightly. After I read more about the supplement I saw how it would help me achieve my health goals.

I went down to the health store and muscle tested for the product. My body wants it and finds it highly beneficial.

When I checked in with my Soul it whispered to me– “You receive messages in many ways. Continue to be open to what comes your way. Have open eyes, open ears and an open heart to receive. You are on track keep moving forward.”

Experiences like this is what makes life so exciting and is exactly the reason why we all chose to come to planet earth and live a physical life.

Thank you Grace. Thank you Soul. Thank you my subconscious mind for filing away the information and bringing it forth when I needed it. I am grateful.

~Love, Esther~

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