I was having a face to face conversation with a man in his early 80’s. An expat in the place I was nomading. We met up to drink coffee.

He started the conversation by telling me he just finished a three day whiskey bender.
Clearly he needed to talk.

This man was planning a visit to his family, children and grandchildren back in his home country.
When he called to tell them of his intentions and that he was booking a ticket, his eldest asked him to come another week as the family had plans in motion.

The elderly man was hurt. He felt unwanted, unneeded and by his own admission his deeply held insecurities rose to the surface.

He told me he walked straight to the supermarket to buy a bottle and the bender began.

I asked him how he felt about the situation now, having come out of his three day haze of soothing.

He told me, Esther I know this is all me. I can visit the following week. I know my family is busy. I wasn’t rejected, they want me to come.

I asked him if this has happened before, feeling hurt and going on a bender.

He answered, all my life.

At that point his eyes glazed over and he had a far away look in his eyes. The look one gets when pulled back into the past and every wound, trauma, situation  that remains unresolved & held within, comes flooding back into memory.

After a few seconds, he “snapped” out of that glazed look and quickly changed the subject.

Holding onto all of that trauma, unexpressed emotion yet again.

Eight-two years old and still holding onto old hurts, insecurities, beliefs about himself inherited from others and then taken on as his own.

Eight-two years old and still engaged in destructive lifelong patterns and behaviors.

A bit of conscious awareness muddled in the mix, Esther I know this all me. Just enough consciousness for guilt and shame to creep in.

Don’t be this guy.

He may not understand the necessity of inner work and spiritual growth, but you do.

Do your inner work. Resolve painful memories held within.

Face and release pain and hurt from the past. Stop living and reacting based on the past.

Live and respond in the Now supporting the future you want to live and experience.

Don’t wait.

Take the steps today …

You can start simply. Focus on Raising your Vibration, your emotional state.

Add in inner work and free yourself from the chains of the past. Take away their power.

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Your vibration, which is determined by your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions … creates your energy; your attraction factor.

Anger begets more to be angry about.

Happy begets more to be happy about.

It’s all up to you.

YOU are in control of your thoughts and emotions.

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Love, Esther

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