Question From Reader: Esther I have Botox treatments on my forehead. Do they block the effectiveness of my Third Eye Sight?

When this question popped up in my inbox I thought what a great question, so I took it to my Spirit Team and this is what they said.

Channeled Answer:

Greetings. We are appreciative of this opportunity to be in your presence to offer you guidance and perspective of the issue you have brought before us. The simple answer to your query is No. The injection of Botox into your forehead to paralyze the muscles does not prevent or hinder the effectiveness of the Third Eye Function. There are many on your planet who engage is such practices and continue to access their Third Eye Sight. The substance of the injection while affecting your physical body does not alter the subtle energy body of your chakra system.

However the injection of Botox into your body can alter your vibration. Just as food, drink, the lotions and potions you place on your body will alter vibration so does Botox. These injections are neither good nor bad. It is simply a choice and your experience will be determined by your intention, focus and belief about such treatments.

We encourage you to explore your motivation for Botox. Is there is a deeper issue at hand controlling the desire for injections? Are you struggling with self worth, body image, feeling old and unlovable? What are your beliefs about aging? Your personal beauty? Perhaps the desire for Botox is driven by a belief that in order to be loved, accepted, successful a smooth forehead and youthful appearance is required. We would say this is a limiting perspective.

Are you using the Botox to smooth out lines on the forehead and a furrowed brow? What is creating such circumstance? Worry, stress, anxiety? Do your inner to work to get to the core of these emotional presentations and release to bring ease and harmony back into the physical body.

We are complete on the subject at hand and we send our love unto you.

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Personal Note from Esther: Please research Botox the pros and the cons; the neurotoxin and its effects. Many studies are now suggesting prolonged botox use cause more aging effects in the long run. As always the choice is yours.





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