Whenever you ask the Universe for something it is automatically given. In that split second of asking what you want is created in the ethers energetically and you will experience it in your hands, in your reality when you align with it. Alignment is like a funnel opening up for receiving.

When you ask in the form and energy of begging, you are not in alignment. Begging holds a low vibration. It is not the vibration of receiving.

We ask all of the time, consciously and unconsciously and yes often in the moment out of fear, worry, need, concern, exasperation, anger, despair, sadness …. so are we doomed to never manifest our desires? Always be out of alignment?

No not at all.  When you ask it is heard and it is given every-time. Esther Hicks wrote an amazing book about it, Ask And It Is Given, the first manifesting book I ever read back in 2005.

If you realize your asking is being done in a begging vibration or your asking is from a space of victim energy or some other heavy emotion, know it is heard, it is given and your job is to get into a vibrational alignment with what you are asking for.

You get into alignment by Raising Your Vibration. That very step of raising your vibration or vibing up as I like to say starts the process of alignment.(Tips Here)

Now equipped with this awareness for conscious manifesting, next time before you ask for anything, move into the highest vibration you can in the moment and ask from place of belief, knowing, expectation, yes it is done, eager anticipation, hope, optimism … whatever feels available and right for you at the time and stay in that vibe or higher as much as possible.

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Your Vibration Matters!

~Love, Esther

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