This summer, I was working with a client assisting her in creating money abundance. She felt worthy and deserving. She had a vision. She was great at taking action.

We cleared family beliefs and generational influence. Money was coming in but not to the degree she wanted and knew she could create.

Then during a pre session chitchat, she said to me, Esther I keep seeing this image in the corner of my eye of a woman sitting on the floor in front of a fire weeping. It looks old not of this lifetime.

She told me that the image had been dogging her since we started doing money belief work together.

I shared with her that the image is very likely a clue to a money block and that it would be good if we followed up on it. She agreed.

So I took her on an inner journey to connect with the energy of the woman in front of the fire weeping and we landed in a lifetime centuries ago.

The woman in front of the fire weeping was my client.

In that lifetime she came from a wealthy family. She had privilege and was well looked upon. She was kind and generous.

Then one day her family lost their fortune. Misdeeds and bad investments by father.

They became outcasts. Shunned from society.

She was of marrying age and had many suitors but they disappeared as her family fortune disappeared.

She felt lost, confused, bewildered that people she thought were friends turned their backs on her and her family.

She didn’t know what to do.

She wept.

And as she wept both sad and bitter tears, she decided: It’s better not to have money then to have lots of money and lose it along with everything and everyone else.

And there you have it. A strong decision made with strong emotion, embedded within. A mandate for lifetimes.

That past life decision, made centuries ago, playing out in her current lifetime and likely every lifetime in-between.

But on that day as we journeyed within, I was able to help her connect with herself in that lifetime and begin to induce healing, create new awarenesses, understanding, realizations, and dissolve the old decision. I guided her to a turning away from that decision and to no longer give it power.

I helped my client reach out to herself in that past life and to be the help she so desperately wanted in that lifetime but never received.

She created an energetic shift in that lifetime that rippled throughout all lifetimes past, present, future; parallel.

This journey to the past was essential and timely.

Past life regressions are a great tool to implement when you have been tackling an issue, patterning, behavior, painful memory, reoccurring vision over and over in the present and the change you seek is not happening.

You may be having visions, dreams, memories of a past life and want to investigate them.

Perhaps you are curious about someone in your life that you know you have had past lives with and want to “see” what those past lives are and how you related to each other.

Sometimes a fear, aversion or phobia was created in a past life and going back helps you to understand and take the steps to move past it. ie fear of drowning, of flying, of being alone, fear of fire, earthquake, poverty, being left, getting sick; dying young.

Do you have a mole, scar or some unusual feature on your body that might be a mark from a past life carried over?

Perhaps you are curious about knowing what past life is having the biggest impact on your current life to help you navigate through the days.

Some people want the experience of a past life regression and view short snippets of various past lives to get a sense of their history.

Maybe you are drawn to a specific part of the world and are certain that you had a past life in that location and want to know why.

Or you have an aversion to a certain part of the world and want to know why.

There are so many possibilities.

If you are interested in a past life regression and or have questions email me at 

II have had several profound past life regressions. One past life discovery led me on a real life journey to Mongolia, connecting with my past roots.

Where will your past life regression take you? Reveal to you?

Love, Esther 


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