There was a time when my Soul Essence was rarely in my body. It vacated at the slightest hint of discomfort. A strategy for dealing with the struggle of life or not wanting to hear someones lecture or shouts.

Working with my private clients I find many people fly out of their body frequently. When mind chatter takes over the Soul checks out. Any type of abuse also lends towards a release of Soul from physical body.

You may refer to it as zoning out.  Perhaps you see it in the eyes of your partner or children when you ask a question or make the same comment for the umpteenth time.

The problem is when the Soul leaves the human self and physical body are left flailing without Soul support. Our human self needs Soul Presence and support. We came to this planet to be a Spirit living in a physical body.

If you find yourself zoning out, checking out, vacating on a Soul Level here are some tips to get you reconnected with your body and human self.

  • breathe
  • ground yourself
  • focus on something in the room which brings you into the NOW
  • clear and transmute the density in your body which is your limiting beliefs, judgments, conclusions, patterns, charged memories etc…
  • when you clear the density you make room in your physical body for your Soul Presence to come in and stay. We all love a welcoming home!
  • exercise
  • spend time in nature

Now is the time to embody your full Soul Presence.

~love, Esther


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