There was a time when I lived life flying by the seat of my pants as they say. By happenstance. No intention. No focus. Just trying to get through another day.

And then I learned how setting intentions at the start of the day would help me to shape and create the kind of day I wanted to experience. Strung together those days would then create the life I wanted to experience. No more living by happenstance.

You see when you start each day with focus, intention and attention, your create the energetic conditions all around you to begin to shape and form into your reality that which you intend.

You create the energetic conditions to attract into your day what you Want to experience.

Your day unfolds in the most magically way. You, your intention, your energy, your actions being the magic wand.
Just follow the clues and the guidance which rise up assisting you in shaping the day as you wish.

And it’s easy.

Start off each morning by setting an intention for the day.
I suggest one intention.
Today when work gets stressful I am going to go to the bathroom and breathe instead of reaching for a donut.
Today I will go to the gym to workout.
Today I plan to call my mother and have a chat.
Today I will set aside time to research the new course I want to take.
Today I will write 500 words for my book.

I like to pick a word; a word for the day.
That word becomes my focus and shapes the vibration of my day.

I meditate on that word for just a minute or two breathing and BEING that word.
The vibration of that word fills me, I radiate it and the vibration begins to shape my day as I move through it.

Do the same with your intention.
Just make sure it is a positive intention.
IE. I will be calm around my children rather then I won’t get angry at my children.

Sometimes I pause and reflect on my word several times during the day and sometimes I don’t give it another thought until I wake up the next morning and choose another word.

Isn’t it time to stop winging your way through the day?
No more leaving life to chance. Living by default.
Be the conscious creator that you are.
Create the life you desire day by day.

~Love, Esther 

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