What we think and feel affects our body. Science has proven this, the mind~body connection. Our bodies respond to the way we think, feel and act.

When our thoughts are positive, full of love, joy, hope, happiness and forgiveness they create ease in the body. Our body then responds in kind with vibrant health and well being, flexibility, vitality and self healing.

Negative thoughts of fear, worry, lack, deprivation, emotions of anxiousness, sadness, grief and anger break down our bodies and show up as aches and pains, illness, high blood pressure and disease.

Perhaps even with all the scientific evidence abound you are still not convinced. Well consider this…

Have You Ever Had An Orgasm In Your Sleep?

Most people have and it’s not always due to a sexy dream. A 2009 poll conducted by Glamour Magazine found 80% of the respondents said they have sleepgasms.

Some doctors says increased blood flow may create the release. Others suggest that daytime arousal may lead to night time orgasms.girl-in-white-1414088-s

Or it may have nothing to do with blood flow and daytime bouts of hot and bothered.                      

According to The Guide to Getting It On by Paul Joannides, PET scans of people’s brains while they’re having orgasms reveal that areas of the brain that process information or control motor activity, stay active while we sleep helping to sort out days events, life situations, memories and pieces of information. This sorting process results in crazy vivid dreams and sometimes sleep orgasms. It’s the body’s way of responding to what is filtering through our brain.  The  mind~body connection allows not only what we think and focus on to be attracted into our life reality but also shows up in our body.

Here’s another example.

Have you ever woke up from sleep in a sweat, heart pounding, thinking someone is chasing you or that you are falling from the sky?

No one was chasing you and you weren’t falling from the sky. Most likely your body was lying on a bed or sitting in chair.

But your mind was active processing information, visualizing, conjuring up images, feelings and thoughts and your body responded to what was happening in the brain.

All of this information is encouraging because it presses home once again that our thoughts create our reality, thoughts become things and what we focus on expands. We can affect our body and quality of life by what we think and believe.

Want better health? Think uplifting thoughts, focus on a thriving body, imagine that illness or disease dissolving away.

Want more money? Spend time thinking about abundance, drop into feelings of gratitude, imagine yourself in a state of luxury.

Ready for a relationship? Focus on feelings of joy, love, exuberance and giggles.

You have the power and it’s within.

~Love, Esther

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