Have you ever caught yourself telling yourself a fib or a little white lie?

If you haven’t its because much of that kind of behavior is subconscious, automatic and so repetitive you  don’t even know that you are doing it. You’ve conditioned yourself to fib behind your own back.

On the flip side there are times when knowingly you lie to yourself to avoid the truth in an attempt to make yourself feel better.

For instance you lie when you tell yourself that you wear a size 8 and really you are a 12.

Or when the scale says you are 145 pounds and you tell yourself you are 138 pounds the weight you were last year.

Perhaps you tell yourself it is okay for you to miss your colleagues going away party because there will be so many others in attendance you won’t be missed.

Many people lie to themselves when they get the urge to buy a new dress, a new high tech gadget or a big night out on the town and they know their bank account doesn’t support the purchase.

Maybe you’re telling yourself that you are boosting your creative juices with a cat nap instead of admitting what you know deep down, that you are really procrastinating on a project.

Then there is the classic, “Eating food crumbs, broken cookie pieces, bites of food from your child’s plate or eating while standing up at the refrigerator doesn’t count calorie wise,” self fib.

At one time or another we have all lied to ourselves and hid things behind our own back.

Some of us have gotten really good at it and end up by self sabotaging our goals, endeavours and lives.

Sometimes in the midst of lieing to ourselves our consciousness peaks out and we see exactly what we are doing and stop. Most of the time we get what we are doing but keep going because we are in momentum.

Sound familiar?

Take a minute and examine your life. Where are you not being truthful with yourself? Then go deeper. Take some time to discover the thoughts and beliefs underneath this pattern of telling lies to yourself. What don’t you want to face? What don’t you want to own up to? And what would happen if you did?

The answers to these questions will reveal nuggets of truth and information that when changed and transformed will have a positive effect on your life.

Turning a blind eye to what we are really up to might make us feel better in the short term, but long term it has the potential of creating negative consequences.

Be real with yourself. Tell the truth. Stop the self fibbing and I guarantee you the Universe will jump on your acknowledgement and awareness and help you to make positive change.

~Love, Esther



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