You are never separate from Universe, Source Energy even when you feel you are.


You were birthed from Source Energy.

You are Source Energy.

You will transition and return to Source Energy.

Source Energy is in you. It’s you mixed in with all of your unique traits, gifts, talents and personality. There is no separation.

Separation is part of the programming of the 3rd Dimension

And you knew this when you were up in the cosmos planning this life-time on Earth.

You knew you were heading back into density, into the illusion of separation so that you could wake up to more consciousness and break free of the ties that bind you to The Matrix.

Recently I worked with a client who felt unsupported in life. Unsupported by family, friends and colleagues.

As we dug deeper into this feeling of separation she realized what she really felt was separation from Universe.

She was lacking faith and trust that Universe had her back.

I took her back in time to the point just before she came into the womb and we began to discover and explore who she was as Spirit.

What did she know?

What was she looking forward to ?

What were the perceived consequences of coming back to Earth in a physical body?

At that point she gasped and said: I knew I was being separated from Source. It was my choice. But I also knew that when I woke up I would remember Source never left me.

That Ah Ha triggered a deep shift within and once we wrapped her back up in the loving arms of Universe and infused this awareness into her energy circuits she was good to go.

She also realized that while family, friends and others might not always have her back as they deal with their own limitations, Universe is always there for her.

So I ask you, Do You Feel Universe Has Your Back?

If the first response is No then start doing inner work in that area.

Bridging the gap of separation into oneness is what you came for.

~Love, Esther

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