Recently one of our beautiful Soul Family reached out to me for some help. He was feeling, “So bummed.” Thinking he is doing all the right things, inner work, meditation, taking action but in certain areas of his life he feels stagnant. His finances are shaky and business partners are not coming through on their promises.

My Spirit Team provided some interesting information that I would like to share.

First for those of you who relate to our dear brothers situation….

Yes there are many people going through the same experience of feeling stagnant despite doing their inner work and feeling that they are doing everything right.

Do you know that when you feel you are doing everything right or what you are supposed to do, you are in a fixed position and are blocking information from coming to you that might be different, unusual, out of the ordinary?

The energetic stance of: I am doing what I am supposed to do assumes that is the only way and doesn’t allow wiggle room for Universe to blow your mind with something NEW.

That I am doing everything right is a strong stance of there is no other way; everything else is wrong.

Make sense?

So take a deep breath in and release that energy block NOW!


Now to address this feeling of being stagnant. What the Beings of Light tell me is that many people are currently in a holding pattern while events, people, situations are sorting themselves out.

Basically other people have to get their Stuff together and pieces of the puzzle need to fall into place.

You feel stuck because you are ready to make the next move but other elements are still sorting themselves out.

The other piece that is coming up STRONGLY for many people is that thanks to our fabulous Spring Eclipse Season old patterns are surfacing for review. Patterns you haven’t seen or experienced in a long time and you are wondering What The Heck?

You see Beautiful Light Being all of the work you have done is allowing you to tap deep into the core of these energies for a fuller more complete release.

Now is NOT the time to give in to those old patternings, NOW is the time to say WOW I am at the point that I can let all of this go deeply.

It’s as if Universe is saying OKAY my child, with all of the work you have done and all that you know now, when those old patterns come back what are you going to do?

Fall back into density?

Or take what you know and move on?

I Hope and Trust you will do the latter because taking that stance will bust the paradigm wide open.

There are also many people who are experiencing the opposite. Instead of stagnancy,  they are moving through a HUGE PERIOD Of EXPANSION;  which is fun and exciting but also comes with its own set of challenges.

Remember when you said you want everything NOW and FAST?

Well it’s here and you are juggling moving pieces along with all of the linear human aspects which accompany making change NOW and FAST.

My advice to people in either situation is the same.

  • Be still; connect with the Zero Point, the place of neutrality and all possibilities.
  • Live and make decisions from your heart center.
  • Don’t give up now. You are doing just great. Keep clearing those past patternings.
  • And lovingly remind yourself that this is why you came to Planet Earth at such a time a this to
    live, learn, experience, break free, Ascend and be your True Self in Human Form.

~Love, Esther

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